4 Things You Should Know When Damp Proofing Your Home

4 Things You Should Know When Damp Proofing Your Home

A long time ago, people were not serious regarding damp problems but with passing  time, they’ve become more aware of the damps & take certain steps for damp-proofing, no matter where they arise, at home, workplace or at some other place. Damp proofing is important when it comes to health issues.

As recommended by damp proofing specialists, I want to make every home-owner aware of few things that they should do before having damp proofing services at their place. But before sharing those 4 important things, I want you to know what is damp actually & how do they arise? Let me tell you few more things about damp…

Structural dampness is because of unwanted moisture in the structure of building or else it will result in intrusion from outside. It can also occur due to condensation from within the building structure. As per researchers, a high proportion of damp problems in buildings are because of rain penetration, rising damp or condensation.

Damp problems cause secondary damage to a building. In fact, the unwanted moisture enables the growth of various fungi in wood which causes mould health issues and also may lead to sick building syndrome. Let’s take a look at those 4 important things that I mentioned above….

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1.In some cases, it is not necessary to apply the treatment to a wall:
However, a membrane is a great way for treating an entire wall or surface. It can be more efficient for you to spend few time in investigating the area where damp generally occurs. Also, you should be double sure that is there a high risk of moisture entering in your premises at ground level or not.

2.You should consider a specialist company for damp and building work:
Although, it is possible to pick up a range of damp proofing products at your local store. You may lack the required types of equipment to detect an existing damp. An expert will be able to provide you a comprehensive analysis of your walls and flooring. And also you will be guaranteed with their duties.

3.Just try to identify the type of damp before commencing repairs:
There is a different type of damp and they require different ways for treatment. For instance, rising damp will mostly treatable with injectable solutions into the cavity of the wall. But penetrating damp indicates that there is external damage which will needed to be addressed before damp proofing.

4.Consider purchasing a dehumidifier for problem areas:
Once damp proofing has been completed, you can add dehumidifier which can keep the atmosphere moisture at the level of around 70% which can help in the home if damp creates any problems. If there are elements within your premises which create a lot of moisture such as laundry facilities, then this type of machine can help in prolonging the lifestyle.

At last, it is a necessity to keep your home damp-free to keep yourself & your dear ones away from health issues. Stay healthy!…